Organized Crime in four corners of our country
Unwitting Victim known as a Targeted Individual

Recording for police and authorities

In U.S. v. Heldt et al., the facts showed that church personnel had secreted a documentary evidence of crime, (688 F.2d at 1243 n.8), committed illegal break-ins and theft (id. at 1244,1247,1248), electronically bugged government offices (ibid), lied to federal investigators and a grand jury (id. at 1246, 1247, 1248, 1249, 1253), suborned perjury (id. at 1247, 1253), forcibly restrained, kidnapped, handcuffed and gagged a potential adverse witness (id. at 1244, 1273), and formulated conspiracies to obstruct justice, steal government property, burglarize, bug, harbor fugitives from justice, and commit and suborn perjury before the grand jury (id. at n. 27 at 1258). In a memorandum urging stiff sentences for the Scientologists, federal prosecutors wrote:

In 1979, nine of Scientology's top executives pleaded guilty to extensive burglaries, forgeries, infiltration, obstruction of justice, and other crimes against more than 100 federal agencies, including the Department of Justice, the Department of Defense and the IRS.

The crime committed by these defendants is of a breadth and scope previously unheard of. No building, office, desk, or file was safe from their snooping and prying. No individual or organization was free from their despicable conspiratorial minds. The tools of their trade were miniature transmitters, lock picks, secret codes, forged credentials and any other device they found necessary to carry out their conspiratorial schemes.

In England, the “Enquiry Into the Practice and Effects of Scientology” (the Foster Report), prepared for the House of Commons in 1971, led to a ban on Scientology that lasted several years.

In 1977, in Denmark, a country known for its tolerance, Scientology lost the protections contained in the criminal code of justice concerning the protection of religion.

In 1982 the full Supreme Court of Victoria Australia ruled that Scientology was not a religion or religious institution but a sham. The court ruled Scientology was a body formed for an object that was illegal under criminal laws. (See Church of the New Faith v. Commissioner of Payroll Tax [decided May 5, 1982] and the Anderson Report of 1965, Victoria, Australia.)

In the mid 1980s France convicted L. Ron Hubbard in absentia of fraud.

In 1988, in Milan Italy, 76 Scientologists were committed for trial and charged with offenses from fraud, medical malpractice and criminal conspiracy, to extorting money, to unlawful detention.

In a massive raid in 1990, Spain arrested 71 of the top international leaders of Scientology on charges ranging from fraud to tax offenses. The charges alleged involvement in forgery of public documents, coercion, labor law violations, and illicit association.

On July 6, 1990, France arrested six of the top officials of Scientology in France for the illegal practice of medicine and fraud. If one was observing only renegade criminal activity of one or more adherents, Scientology's criminal history could be less relevant. Here, though, these activities are part of the secret written policies of the group.

"This is a criminal organization day in and day out. It makes Jim & Tammy (Baker) look like kindergarten,"ays Vicki Aznaran, one of the six top executives in Scientology until her defection in1987

As the FBI and IRS have repeatedly uncovered, Scientology's actions and policies were created, approved, and ordered by the highest levels of the organization. These are the day-to-day activities of Scientology, not renegade or ad hoc aberrational acts of individual employees, in spite of Scientology's never ending spewing of subsequent damage control cover stories.

The organization is driven by the desire to affect brain, mind, and body. This point is important when you begin to become aware of victim complaints, and what drives someone to affect another human being in such egregious ways. (I will list symptoms of their involvement in a moment.)

The following point can not be understated: Scientologists have had decades, and countless dedicated man hours, to go after anything that sheds any light on their technologies, methods and techniques. This information would enable victims to identify that they are targeted individuals, as well as allow scrutiny of their organization. How far across the lines their organization is willing to go is unprecedented. Suppressing information and victims is an instrumental part of their organization's efforts to hide its behaviors, the technologies used, and the complaints against them. One of their organization's known tactics is massive coordinated spam campaigns against information they can not find a way to surreptitiously get off the Internet, which buries the information deep within search results. At the same time, their organization's propaganda and misinformation machine promotes bad or misleading information, overwhelming the information they do not want known. They are perpetually engaged in ensuring their less-than-one-sided view is the only view heard. Their organization is ensuring in a surreptitious and coordinated way that anyone who attempts to locate information, including victims, has as much hardship as humanly possible in getting through their organization's efforts to suppress the information and victims. They attack anyone who questions their party line, or what their propaganda machine disseminates, and they also aggressively attack ex-members and their credibility.

That you do not know people around you were, or are, involved in Scientology is very serious. This is because, and it is known, they surreptitiously, without any connection to their organization, target those around them, this is carried to the point that it is expected of them to participate in targeting their victims. It is nearly impossible for those of us who are not involved to grasp targeting anyone, let alone people Scientologist know. As a human rights activist, I have learned you cannot think that you knew, or know, them and they would not do that to you. As is the case with most cults ,they are expertly indoctrinated, although with Scientology this is coupled with demands of surreptitiousness, due to how far over the legal, moral, and ethical lines they are willing to go. By personally knowing the targeted individuals they can decipher the meaning and importance of information, that would have little meaning, or be very hard to decipher, if they did not know the victims. They are always attempting to move up the ladder within Scientology, and it is expected for them to aid in the surreptitious involvement in their victims’ lives. Scientologists are known to target people around them. They are more than well aware of the whole there is nothing beneath them. If someone got involved with Scientology then it may have gotten out of their control. Their organization's members are driven by their organization's culture.

U.S. Senator John Glenn stated on the floor of the U.S. Senate, “You just think about your own family, your own son, your own daughter, or grandchildren who might be, the next time they go to a doctor, the subject of some medical experiment that they are not even told about. I do not think there can be many things more un-American than that.”
See link official U.S. Senate transcript PAGE 67 COLUM 3

Official U.S. Senate Transscript

Due to the way we communicate today, we know there are victims, “targeted Individuals,” from one side of the country to the other. We are PhD’s to laypeople who share common sets and subsets of symptoms linked to a common source. I will be including information so you will have a foundation, which I hope will help you discern if you are an unwitting victim. We as a community of victims are complaining about men, women, and children in huge numbers being used against their will, knowledge and wishes. They are manipulating the systems we count on in order to keep the number of victims, highest-level statements, and complaints suppressed, or keep them held society's awareness threshold. It is a new day because of the way we communicate, it is going to break, the information is going to get through the threshold created by their aggressive suppression of information and victims.

Justice Latey, ruling in the High Court of London:
"Scientology is both immoral and socially obnoxious...It is corrupt sinister and dangerous. It is corrupt because it is based on lies and deceit and has its real objective money and power for Mr. Hubbard... It is sinister because it indulges in infamous practices both to its adherents who do not toe the line unquestionably and to those who criticize it or oppose it. It is dangerous because it is out to capture people and to indoctrinate and brainwash them so they become the unquestioning captives and tools of the cult, withdrawn from ordinary thought, living, and relationships with others."

At this point I will develop the symptoms, I am going include surveys about symptoms from the targeted individual community. Again we are Phd's to laypeople that suffer common sets of symptoms, linking it to a common source.

Symptoms from surveys of targeted individuals are presented after my symptoms. The surveys list symptoms in bullet point form, without elaboration. I am including a few of my symptoms first, so I can include brief explanations that will demonstrate how information aids in identifying their involvement in their victims', lives, although these are only a few of a long list of symptoms. The reason I chose these few was I remember them early on.

Dot symptom: (through the decades up to the present day): While lying on the couch or sitting in a chair and looking at the electronics near the TV, the little lights that are usually red and green will move. If there are two lights near each other, one moves and other stays stationary. The one on the right begins to blur, moving to the opposite side of the second stationary light.

Stinging symptom: (through the decades to the present): I suffer from a symptom many who have become aware of it describe as a sensation like a small swarm of continual bee stings, or an intense itch that scratching does nothing for. It is intense in one area of a building, such as our homes, and absent in other areas, although being in that area is no guarantee, it is hit or miss whether we will suffer the symptom. This is a symptom complained about by the vast majority of victims.

The blue chlorine tablet in the toilet water tank: Extremely important. When you look inside the toilet water tank, the blue/chlorine tablet melts into a blob. This has repeatedly happened over the many years. (Reminder: It is not one symptom, it is a litany of symptoms.) It always melts into a blob, the tablet does not continually reduce in size. This is very noticeable. With the version of the blue chlorine tablet that you stick in the 'toilet bowl', it mels in the same way into an unrecognizable blob. If it was not blue it would not come out the way it went in.

Again, this is only a few of a litany of symptoms. This list is intended to give you information that you can use to identify whether you are being targeted. These were among the earliest symptoms, and have been experienced over the years.

Link to survey of symptoms. I Included the link due to the length of the list.

They use their organization to surreptitiously destabilize the victims’ lives in a concerted and comprehensive way. If you did not witness it first hand, it would be hard to believe that any organization would go this far across legal, moral, and ethical lines. Over many years and decades, they are have orchestrating this integral part of their program, making the victims more vulnerable and susceptible as targeted individuals. Their organization is well greased and experienced at in their tactics, and they have been through their organization's program countless times with countless victims. The surreptitious involvement in their victims’ lives is all encompassing, this is a complaint from nearly all victims.

Teams are surreptitiously deployed to:
  • Stalk
  • Monitor
  • Intimidate
  • Dirty targeted individuals in their workplaces and communities
  • Deny income and sap personal resources, which makes victims less of a threat
  • Constantly steal items from the victims
  • Access email servers and delete information.
  • (One counter uses white text in MS Word, typed while laptop lid is closed, and then copied &pasted.)
  • Isolate the victim
  • Ensure that the victim is less mobile
  • Cut off support systems and ensure that victims have less ability to network
  • Run support groups aground by surreptitious involvement
  • And, importantly, keep the victims from freeing themselves from their organization's surreptitious involvement

    • As little as possible is left to natural outcomes or occurrences. It devastates a victim’s life. A point that needs to be understood and kept in mind is the culture of their organization. It is driven by reckless disregard for the irreparable harm and hardship they inflict on individual victims and organizations.

      In 1991, the U.S. Supreme Court remanded the Wollersheim case back to the California Appeals court to review its previous reduction of Wollersheim's punitive award in light of its just-completed Pacific Mutual v. Haslip ruling that allowed for the due process constitutionality of punitive awards. On the same day, the U.S. Supreme Court also ruled, as in the lower Appellate court, that the MCCS tapes were now admissible as evidence.U.S. 89-1361

      On June 20, 1990, the MCCS tapes were remanded from the Supreme Court. The 9th Circuit Appeals court, in the Zolan case,(CV 85-440-HLH). Stated:

      “The purpose of the MCCS project was to cover up past criminal wrongdoing”

      “The MCCS project involved the discussion and planning for future frauds against the IRS in violation of 18C USC 371....The figures involved in the MCCS admit on tape they are attempting to confuse and defraud the U.S. government.”

      Commissioners of the City of Clearwater, Florida, public hearings, May 5-10, 1982

      The Clearwater Commission received documentary and testimonial evidence with respect to the operation, activities and conduct of Scientology. Based upon the sworn testimony of witnesses, affidavits, state and federal court decisions, and miscellaneous documents reviewed and considered, the Commission made the following factual recitation:

      At the commission hearings, L. Ron Hubbard Jr. (the son of Scientology's founder), who had been a top ranking Scientologist, testified that the reason his father began claiming Scientology is a religion was to escape problems he was having with courts, the IRS, the American Medical Association and to make money. (Vol. 1 p. 276, 286)

      "Scientology has nothing to do with religion. The Church did not adopt the religious guise until it was necessary to seek First Amendment protection (Vol.4 p.405).

      Scientology's expediently developed checklists and a religious overlay which is not the result of a sincere religious evolution but of Scientology's reactions to court losses, increasing liability for anti-social activities, and other negative legal confrontations.

      Church policy instructs members to lie to inquiring officials. (Vol.1 p.226,227)

      The practices of Scientology undoubtedly constitute psychotherapy. Among the various psychotherapeutic claims of Scientology are increased I.Q., increased interpersonal communication skills, improved memory, freedom from neuroses and anxiety, marital and family harmony, and cures for drug addiction... All okf these benefits are claimed to be achieved in a process of auditing identical to psychotherapy. An auditor, on a paid hourly basis, interviews a preclear (person receiving services) intensively about the details of his emotional life, while using a lie-detector (the E-Meter) to sharpen his questioning. The entire process is represented as having a scientific basis and stated to be the product of research.

      The preclear is told that the process, if carried through, is guaranteed to achieve....[stated benefits]. At the time of first contact and the formative first impression, Scientology deliberately conceals its claim to religious status. Through Dianetics, it advertises benefits and cures outside of a recognizable religious domain. The ad scripts do not read, the Church of Scientology proudly announces Dianetics, the religious science of mental health.

      Technologies and the GPS example:
      One of the most important parts of their program is what technologies, methods and techniques they use, which are becoming better known. These are the technologies they have gotten their hands on and have continue to develop over many decades. The technologies are not yet in the hands of common hooligans, although as prices continue to drop and technologies continue to increase, they will sooner than later be in the hands of the common lone criminal.

      Until you gain an awareness foundation their behavior, and what they employ both sound ungrounded. Only when someone gains an awareness foundation will it stop flying under their awareness radar; this is especially true for professionals. The organization works endlessly to ensure, through lack of information and misinformation, that there will be dismissive attitudes toward information and the targeted individuals’ complaints. They also work to ensure that even if the targeted individual does complain, their claims will be viewed as ungrounded.

      I use an analogy with the 'utmost respect' to convey how it flies completely under your threshold of awareness. I call it the GPS analogy. So you know where this is heading. The speaker in your car tells you to turn right in 200 feet, on the understanding that is how GPS works in the real world. What you are attempting to convey will sound aloof and ungrounded to someone who does not know about the subject or technology. Three satellites are triangulating on just you, waves or electromagnetic energy through thin air, anywhere within a foot on the surface of the planet. And then the speaker talks to you. Someone with no knowledge of the technology might interrupt to tell you they understand how speakers work, but they can not figure out who is communicating the information. In addition they state all the above points made just for you, passing along to a colleague that you stated something about space, planets, and waves of electromagnetic energy. It is very clear that they have no awareness and are becoming dismissive. At this point they would be likely to start questioning the validity of the information and even the targeted individual’s stability.

      It is worth reiterating that Scientology members are very effective in their practiced efforts to ensure that a similar dismissive attitude is entrenched long before someone gets wise or complains. The GPS analogy really drives home the point that when you are not aware of the technologies, methods, and techniques, the information, symptoms, and harm, as well as the victims themselves, all seem to be ungrounded. This point is key to understanding why they so aggressively keep the information and victims suppressed, and how they are get away with employing their technologies, methods, and techniques.

      I am including this piece at the end so I do not unintentionally undermine myself. My concern is that I might throw this document off center in my attempt to build an awareness for of what they employ to affect unsuspecting people. With it horrifyingly stated most of these technologies have been around for many decades.

      To conclude this document I will attempt to describe what they employ; at the same time, I will “clinically and scientifically” ground the information. I need you to fully understand the gravity of what they employ against targeted individuals, and the physiological, environmental, and electronic harms and hardships. What they have at their disposal is awe-inspiring, fierce, scary, and horrifying. The harm, hardship, and suffering that we, their victims, are forced to endure is unspeakable. Reiterating an important point, unlike many of us who have become aware, there are those who are not aware, and may never become aware, of being targeted. I also want to demonstrate how unbelievable some of the exotic weapons can sound at first glance, and how addressing them is in line with the GPS example.

      Project Pandora involved the American embassy in Moscow pulsed or beamed with microwave and radio waves in the 1950s and 1960s. This was done to ravage the cognitive abilities of ambassadors and their staffs, and it occurred over multiple ambassadorships. That information can be quickly found today with a simple Google search, using Project Pandora, Embassy, Microwave.

      Just directing electromagnetic energy weapons at human-beings has an effect on the brain, mind, and body. Lt. Col. Timothy Thomas authored “The Mind Has No Firewall”, which outlines how far these technologies have advanced while drawing the time line to post-2000. (At least look at the first three paragraphs.)
      See link: Lt . Col. Thomas

      Quoting from this piece:
      "An entirely new arsenal of weapons, based on devices designed to alter the body's psychological and data-processing capabilities, might be used to incapacitate individuals. These weapons aim to control or alter the psyche, or to attack the various sensory and data-processing systems of the human organism. In both cases, the goal is to confuse or destroy the signals that normally keep the body in equilibrium. The data the body receives from external sources -- such as electromagnetic, vortex, or acoustic energy waves--or creates through its own electrical or chemical stimuli, can be manipulated or changed just as the data [information] in any hardware system can be altered."

      To clinically and scientifically ground this information I will use animal studies. As an example I would like to briefly explain the “mouse in a maze” study. When there was no interference, the mouse found its way through a maze to the cheese time and time again. But when an electromagnetic weapon was employed, the mouse got lost and could not find its way through the maze time and time again. When the weapon was turned off, the mouse again immediately found its way through the maze to the cheese. Remember, the above examples were with human beings. What a simple idea: disrupting the electrical activity of the brain and nervous system. And it has been around for half a century.

      At this juncture I am simply attempting to demonstrate when someone does not have an awareness foundation of the technologies, methods, and techniques not only is it easy to have things fly under their awareness threshold, but as importantly how ungrounded things that are so documented sound.

      The more that citizens in general, especially within our individual communities, become aware, the more the surreptitious involvement in their victims’ lives becomes a vulnerability and a very identifiable part of their organization's program. This surreptitious involvement can serve as a conduit to their organization and members. Also, that increased awareness can help to identify who is being targeted. When citizens know there is a desire for this information by authorities, they will be more than forthcoming, and a wealth of information will be supplied. At this point there will be a means for this type of information to make it to the authorities. We must remember, unlike many of us, their victims who have become aware, there are those who are unaware and may never become aware.

      Many countries considered Scientology a cult and do not recognized the organization, France and Chile, for example. But we in the U.S. are much more tolerant and open towards fringe, and very odd beliefs and practices. The Scientology organization stopped at nothing to leverage this openness in a very coordinated way, allowing it to get a firm foothold in as many places as possible, while keeping it aggressively hidden. It must be understood that those who have an awareness, as well as the informed media, view it as an outright wacko cult, and out of bounds. Where ever they can get members, they hide that ulterior motives are driving their decision making. The surreptitiousness and illegal nature of their organization enables them to get into everything. As long as they can keep it below the awareness threshold, a very few can wreak havoc on a larger whole.

      Justice Anderson, Supreme Court of Victoria, Australia: "Scientology is evil; its techniques are evil; its practice is a serious threat to the community, medically, morally, and socially; and its adherents are sadly deluded and often mentally ill... (Scientology is) the world's largest organization of unqualified persons engaged in the practice of dangerous techniques which masquerade as mental therapy."

      Kenneth Robinson, British Minister of Health: "The government is satisfied that Scientology is socially harmful. It alienates members of families from each other and attributes squalid and disgraceful motives to all who oppose it; its authoritarian principles and practice are a potential menace to the personality and well being of those so deluded as to become followers; above all, its methods can be a serious danger to the health of those who submit to them... There is no power under existing law to prohibit the practice of Scientology; but the government has concluded that it is so objectionable that it would be right to take all steps within its power to curb its growth."

      Lord Denning: "...capable of such danger that the public interest demands that people should know what is going on"

      The human experimentation is ongoing and it does not start and stop on any given day. They would monitor our dying breath to glean what they could from the years of experimentation, and vast resources expended.