I am under mind-bending attack as I have communicated to others. They are short-circuiting my short-term memory and stopping my free ability to think. They are demonstrating minimized versions of what they employ, their behavior, and the harm and hardship inflicted on us, their victims, in order to escape their behavior.

When we glean too much information for the perpetrators liking, or attempt to convey information they do not want us to, they employ their technology, methods, and techniques to mind bending levels. They will intensify what they employ as well, when they know we are meeting or conversing which minimizes the productivity and amount of information shared. As they are intensifying what they are employing to mind bending levels, they demonstrate it to groups that are privy to that part of what they employ (their technology, methods, and techniques) demonstrating how grossly they can affect us, human beings, causing us to be in a neutral state (neutralized). As we, their victims know it is extremely difficult to break through what they are employing, and they have the ability to suppress us from afar. When we do break through their ability to shut us down it causes havoc on their organization, due to how they have assured their fellow members that we were neutralized.

They have the ability to present their less then one-sided view, this ability enables them to present something that is the furthest from the truth unquestioned. They have their hands on the misinformation and slander machine, and on the block, edit, and filter button preventing the truth and information from permeating the barrier to information they created. They also are the ones who inflict the harm and hardship, demonstrating their technology, methods, and techniques, they could not be more an enemy. If they present themselves in a way other then that, they are supplying you with bad information and bad data. By presenting themselves in a way that is the furthest from the truth enables them to find and undermine the effort of those who are independent, or are there for our, their victims, support.

They present their less then one sided view, and bad information bad data to different groups garnering desired decissions and responds. This is another well greased tactic of theirs.

One group they present how they have us act and react without awareness. The second group is aware that they inflict the harm and hardship to cause and create what they present to the first group and, or, they are employing additional technology, methods, and techniques. In the third group, with their bad acting, they play dumb as though they are unaware that they are involved in presenting and demonstrating what they employ to the other groups. Attempting to get covers and smoke screens in place. To this type of group they sit supposedly isolated, but are privy to what they employ, ensuring that the known outcomes are used to ensure momentum behind their covers.

You can only get the results they are presenting scientifically and clinically when you add back into the equation the damned behavior, keeping in mind this behavior is damned by our highest levels of government, the US Senate and US Supreme Court. They are gleaning the information that they are using to predict our actions through other technology, methods, and techniques. Moving forward what they present cannot be duplicated clinically and scientifically, by people who are independent. They need to be free of what else they employ, the harm and hardship inflicted on us, and of course free of using one of us their victims, as well as free of them. Someone who was an authority or expert on what they employ would recognize the predicting of my actions and reactions is signifying that there is much more employed than what the present with their minimized version.

They contiually attempt to mimimize the harm and hardship



We need to communicate without being blocked, edited, and filtered

They contiually attempt to mimimize the harm and hardship


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