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Congressional Sting operation found gaps in oversight of Human Experimentation
Reported by the Wall Street Journal

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Links to ethical information including: Commission created by Presidential Executive order #12975.
Brief of Michigan's Electromagnetic Weapon Law

Michigan Law 4513
Paragraph k addresses electronic and electromagnetic weapons Act 256 2003 Effective 2004

Penalties Part 4514

Missouri Law Against Involuntary Microchipping

Includes Enclosures, Paints, bedding, and absorbers

Newsweek Cover Story
Gleaning thoughts from the electrical activity of the brain, brain mapping, and injecting thoughts through electromagnetic waves.

They restrict or retard you from information in anyway they can. In this article they would use the first few sentences to distract, which is stating something humorous, conveying the future is here today.

US Congressman Kucinich introduced legislation in 2001
Sec7 Definitions (IV)
through the use of land-based, sea-based, or space-based systems using radiation, electromagnetic, psychotronic, sonic, laser, or other energies directed at individual persons or targeted populations for the purpose of information war, mood management, or mind control of such persons or

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Senator John Glenn stated on the floor of the US Senate (U.S. Senate 105th Congress, 1st session)
You just think about your family, your own son, your own daughter, or grandchildren who might be, the next time they got to a doctor, the subject of some medical experiment that they are not even told about. I do not think there can be many things more un-American than that.
Well, is there really a problem out there? Is this just a paper loophole that I am trying to close?
Unfortunately, Mr. President, there are ongoing problems with inappropriate, ethically suspect research on human subjects. It is difficult to know the extent of such problems because information is not collected in any formal manner on human research. The Cleveland Plain-Dealer in my home state of Ohio has recently reported in a whole series of articles, after much investigation of this issue. And I quote from them:
What the government lacks in hard data about humans, it more than makes up for with volumes of statistics about laboratory animals. Wonder how many guinea pigs were used in U.S. research? The Agriculture Department knows: 333,379. How many hamsters in Ohio? 2,782.
So we have all this data on animals and little on human-beings. I would hasten to add that the guinea pigs the Plan-Dealer refers to are the four-legged kind too and not the guinea pigs that are human-being used for research. The reason we know so much about the use of animals in research is that we have laws governing the handling and treatment of them. For example, the Animal Welfare Act requires that certain minimum standards be maintained when using animals in research.
Let me give you some recent examples which indicate why, not with standing the common rule and the other protections that are in place. I think protections are needed in stature....

Full Text from Congressional Record

There are many links to the concerns of those who develop the technologies, typified by the quote below, which is the last sentence in the Newsweek's cover story see link to left for full story.

" But Norseen says he is "agnostic" on the moral ramifications, that he's not a mad scientist–just a dedicated one. "The ethics don't concern me," he says, "but they should concern someone else."