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Through the decades it has been shown what they employ effects, overrides, and mimics the electrical activity of the brain, mind and body. Some of this can be dated to the 1960's, and even before, as this page demonstrates. Such as frowning, opening and closing of the eyes and mouth, chewing, yawning, sleep, dizziness, and epileptic seizures in healthy persons.

They are tapping into far more sophisticated technologies, methods, and techniques, to get the results they present. What they demonstrate, continually attempting to minimize what they employ, does not work in the way they are presenting it. They present results from what they employ in a fraudulent way. This is done through their less than one-sided view, which is the only view heard. When we add back into the equation things such as, the harm and hardship they have inflicted on me, what else they employ, the length of time it takes, and behavior of theirs that is damned we can clinically and scientifically begin to show how they obtained the results.

If they had supplied this information, and had not supplied the bad data, or only the information that garnered them the desired response they would have garnered a different, if not opposite, set of responses and decisions.

They also use this tactic of supplying only the information that garners their organization a desired decision or response to falsely bolster their fraud. They get people to bite on what ever will garner them the desired responses. This bate is fraudulent or fabricated information. Once they get people to do this they attempt to build momentum behind this smoke screen, attempting to hide their behavior. It is continual and they are well greased at this tactic.

They have a continual need, and they are continually attempting to shed what is, or could be scrutinized at the moment. This is why their fraudulent behavior collapses like dominos, it is fraud on fraud. It is whatever garners them the desired decision, response, or sheds the scrutiny at that moment.

The Nuremberg Code is a very short document less than a page in total length. By the time you have read the first paragraph you realize how far across the line they are.

With an awareness foundation you quickly become aware that they will stop at nothing to smoke screen, and hide their behavior. At times this is recognizable, especially in their ongoing attempts to avoid the scrutiny that I bring to their actions. Their fraudulently behavior becomes obvious when they are attempting to minimize what they employ, the harm and hardship inflicted on us, their victims, or their behavior in general.

To convey how they present a fraudulent less than one-sided view, on a "physical level" they will have me move an ankle, or have physically discernible movements, and then they will fraudulently provide what it took to accomplish it

Many times what they present is third party caused, and this is withheld from those they want a desired response from.

What they employ dates back to the sixties, although we must keep in mind how advanced the technologies, methods, and techniques are today. An example of this is they are continually attempting to cover how they are predicting my actions and reactions in real time, at the moment. Their ability to do this is explained by other technology, methods, and techniques they employ, and by the harm and hardship inflicted on me.

In their attempts to cover how damning what I am stating is, many times their tactics become discernible. When you realize that it is caused, and explained by much more it becomes clear why they are so aggressively to derail the scrutiny, and attempt to cover their fraud with more covers or fraud.

Regardless, I am a human being and you are witnessing me being used against my will, forced to live through the pain, agony, horror, and suffering.

(The following paragraph is dated it was written when I originally did this page. One of countless examples would be more recently having to live through severe pain in my joints, combined with other symptoms at that time, while they found ways to minimize the harm and hardship inflicted on me.)



When the limbic system was stimulated the patients vigilance weakened, they lost capacity to think, often they began to undress or grope and when the stimulation stopped they did not remember it.

During this time period, using human inventions, the closest they got to nature [reading electrical activity of the brain] is best documented by the experiment when the "electrodes" were implanted in the cat‘s internal ear and connected with an amplifier and loudspeakers. The cat‘s internal ear [electrical activity between the ear and brain] then functioned as a microphone converting the sounds into electrical impulses which were collected by electrodes and from the loudspeakers sounded the words whispered into the cat‘s ears [remember the use of cats by the CIA as guided microphones].



















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In 1969 Dr. Jose Delgado, a Yale psychologist, published a book “Physical Control of the mind, Toward a Psychocivilized Society” (2). In this book he presented the results of 30 years of research. Scientists had succeeded in mapping out the relations between different points in the brain and a lot of the activities, functions, and sensations of humans and animals.

  • The stimulation of the motion center in the cat‘s brain by electric current of 1.2 milliampere made it raise his hind foot above the floor, at 1.5 milliampere it raised the foot by 4 cm, at 1.8 milliampere it raised the foot all the way up, at 2 milliamperes the cat raised it's foot even during a jump and landed badly.

  • When a man was asked to straighten his hand the bending of which was stimulated he replied “I think your electricity is stronger then my will.”

  • By means of electrical stimulation of the brain the rhythm of breathing and heart beat [this was even stopped for several pulses] was affected as well as the function of the most of the viscera, such as the secretion of the gall bladder.

    As well frowning, opening and closing of eyes and mouth, chewing, yawning, sleep, dizziness, epileptic seizures in healthy persons etc. were induced. There was a direct correlation between the electrical stimulation of different parts of the brain and a visible reaction in both human-beings and animals.

    • Animal: A cat's licking was induced and, in correlation to the electrically stimulation, the cat looked for something to lick.

    • Stimulation of more superior nerves in the brain produced more complex movements:

    • Animal: A monkey got up to walk whenever the stimulation of that point in the brain started, and sat back to eat it's food whenever the stimulation was stopped.

    • The stimulation of points in the brain where feelings and emotions reside produced decisions.

    • Human: A passive, depressed woman tore up a piece of paper when her center of anger was stimulated: “I did not control myself. I had to get up and tear.”, she commented.
    • Human: An aggressive woman, with the same point stimulated, took the guitar she was playing until the moment of stimulation, and smashed it against the wall.

    • The intensity of feelings could be controlled by turning the knob which controlled the intensity of the electric current.
    • Human:When the pleasure center was stimulated women offered marriage to therapists.

    • Animal: Stimulation of a point in a monkey‘s brain stopped her maternal behavior toward a newborn baby.

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The "data" the body receives from external sources--such as electromagnetic, vortex, or acoustic energy waves--or creates through its own electrical or chemical stimuli can be manipulated or changed just as the data (information) in any hardware system can be altered.


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Sec7 Definitions.(III) & (IV) (II)
through the use of land-based, sea-based, or space-based systems using radiation, electromagnetic, psychotronic, sonic, laser, or other energies directed at individual persons or targeted populations for the purpose of information war, mood management, or mind control of such persons or


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