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Standing up for human rights.

“Parameters,” US Army War College Quarterly
The "data" the body receives from external sources--such as electromagnetic, vortex, or acoustic energy waves--or creates through its own electrical or chemical stimuli can be manipulated or changed just as the data (information) in any hardware system can be altered.

This is a great declassified explanation of electromagnetic weaponry and human experimentation without subject’s consent.
Capt. Paul E. Tyler

The links below take you directly to the pages containing the applicable laws at Michigan State Legislature’s website.

Brief of Michigan's Electromagnetic Weapon Law

Michigan Law 4513

Paragraph k addresses electronic and electromagnetic weapons Act 256 2003, effective 2004.

Penalties Part 4514


INTEL: Developing 'Brain Chip'
Intel states "by 2020, brain chips should be available for the consumer."


Missouri Law Against Involuntary Microchipping
Videos of microchipping, Fox News and Australian 60 minutes,
pictures of many removed covert human microchip implants,
and pictures of cancer allegedly cause by implanted human microchips.

Includes enclosures, paints, bedding, and absorbers.

Newsweek Cover Story
Gleaning thoughts from the electrical activity of the brain, brain mapping, and injecting thoughts through electromagnetic waves.

They restrict or retard you the reader from information in anyway they can. In this article they would only present, the first few sentences to distract and derail you from the information, which is stating something humorous, conveying the future is here today.

Nuremberg Code
Extremely important article, it is very short and an easy read.

President Clinton Public Apology for human experiments
Those who cross the lines from legal to illegal, ethical to unethical, not only hide under the professions as whole, but also have well greased mechanisms in place to ensure that it remains hidden form scrutiny. Those who had the propensity to act in this hideous way, along with anyone involved, have the ability to use these mechanisms (systems).

Timeline Electromagnetic Weapons

Actual Statements from Presidential Commission
Children, experimentation, and mind control.

Insider Speaks Out: Electromagnetic Effects on Brain
Ret. British military intelligence scientist interview: covering reality and effects of Directed Energy Weapons.

Silent Sound and V2K( Voice to Skull): Confirmed and In Production
Sound bypasses the ear drum.

100 Patents
Inventions that effect thoughts, emotions, memory, and thinking from external sources.


Patent that Dates Back to the 70's

Boston Globe's Article on Brain Computer Interface and Funding

US Congressman Kucinich Introduced Legislation in 2001

SSec7 Definitions.(III) & (IV) (II)
The use of land-based, sea-based, or space-based systems using radiation, electromagnetic, psychotronic, sonic, laser, or other energies directed at individual persons or targeted populations for the purpose of information, war, mood management, or mind control of such persons or populations...


Decades of CIA Human Experimentation
Includes information on a veterans’ law suit against the CIA.

Great Find
Truly Declassified Documents
MK ULTRA and Human Experimentation

Support Site with Conference Calls

French Government Bans WiFi in Schools; Requires that No Child Under the Age of 8 Should Be Exposed to WiFi Electromagnetic Radiation.

It should be noted that some European countries use the age of 16 rather than 8. This helps convey the dangers of EMR even in these amounts, especially to young people.

Russian Law draft describes psychotronic weapons in detail
Helps convey that it is not an individual and not exclusive to the US. when attempting to address technology that now is developed to the point that it can adversely effect human-beings brains, minds, and bodies.

Russia Wants Ban on HAARP Testing
Piece from Provda, a Russian Newspaper

Great Technical Information Link

These Are the People Who Research and Develop What Adversely Affects the General Public

Neuroscience-EGE Report: Implants in the Human Body
This report a good report on the subject; it describes a spectrum of human implantable microchip technology.

Decades of Published Evidence of Microchip Technology and Symptoms

Personal note: I am under mind-bending effects from what they employ. Also, this site will include voice files in the near future to save visitors time.
I am suffering badly today from the harm and hardship they have, and are, inflicting 8/10/10. I do suffer on an ongoing basis.















They Minimize The Harm and Hardship They Inflict

They will present results from what they employ and then run out pretense to be victims of themselves, minimizing the harm and hardship inflicted on me. Also, if we were in an independent venue, and they stated they got “results” from what they employ, and I countered their less than one sided view with the statement when we add back in the harm and hardship, the time it would take, what else they employ, and their damned behavior we could at that time show how they got they results. Their professional’s jaws would be on the table. Nuremberg Code violations would be brought up, with the understanding I stated this point in recent years and they have had time to know this unto itself would have been riveting if unpreempted. This typifies why I want things, and what I want, behind closed attorney door, and as soon as possible at an independent body, or in an open court.

They play so many sides of the fence to shed the scrutiny that their involvement alone at times damns them now, and moving forward. A simplified example of this is they play both sides of the fence employing their technologies, and methods, as well as how they run to pretense to be victims minimizing the harm and hardship. If it was known that they were on the other side of the fence in anyway employing their technologies, and methods when they covered their behavior, their involvement would have garner them a different if not opposite decision. With their less than one sided view the only view heard they get momentum behind those who bite on their bate to shed the scrutiny. They overtly play dumb, while deceitfully ensuring, these smoke screens begin to get momentum. There knowledge, awareness, and involvement would damn them if they are held accountable for their behavior.

How I approach this issue is intended to put light on their behavior, which also includes an informational web site on the subject. Although, MUCH of the material I prepare is intended for an independent body, or courtroom. How damning it would be if the information got there unpreempted. This is in part why they are on top of us. There are other reasons, such as them continuing to glean how and what I am going to use, and who I am seeking independent support from, as I continue to approach the issue as whole. You see them continually react to this information.

What damns them is how would they have gotten even this minimized version accomplished. For example, the time it would take to garner those results would cause their fraud to collapse when they are, or have, left it out of what they present in an attempt to ensure a desired decision or response. Another example would be what else would need to be employed to get the results. Unlike many of us who have become aware there are those who are not. Who is involved is as concerning as what they are involved in. Their involvement in employing their technologies, methods, and techniques against human beings, many are pleading for our lives and well-being, is an extremely important point. What they are using to shed the scrutiny, or minimize their behavior, is flying in the face of what the stated a short time earlier or later. They are engaged in supplying bad information and data, or only the information that will garner them the desired response or decision. We need to hold them accountable for their behavior.

One of their tactics is to continually attempt to mirror me, and minimize the impact of my work. A very simple example of this would be how they mirror my private conversations, including phone conversations attempting to take my words, thoughts, and ideas to minimize the impact, as well as enabling them to bolster the multiple sides of the fence they play.

To attempt to demonstrate how stark this is, today I was researching JFK statement against secret societies, and rouge elements of the government, which I began in past few days. Took a break, and got back to how I am continuing to approach the issue as a whole. By the time I got back to what I was doing they in real time, at the moment, cease the ability to present things fraudulently, for example alluding to that I had just begun. This enables them to get a smoke screen in place for many purposes. For brevity two of the reasons they do this is they hide their victims, and hide their attempts to steal and sloth my words, thoughts, and Ideas. They mirrored what I am doing, stealing my work, and then they leave out of what they present that I just got done and simply laid it down for fifteen minutes, or left it for proof reading later. Did they bring this up tonight, and rush to get it somewhere to preempt me; they will hide and minimize the information.